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A movie theater or movie theatre (also called a cinema) is a building that contains an auditorium for viewing films for entertainment. Most, but not all, theaters are  ‎ Multiplex (movie theater) · ‎ Category:Cinemas and movie · ‎ List of movie theaters. Find movie showtimes at La Crosse Cinema to buy tickets online. Learn more about theatre dining and special offers at your local Marcus Theatre. Learn more about the movie and even watch trailers – just by clicking on a movie your schedule and be sure to check out any special amenities at the theatre. The Big Sick R 1: Between and , theater was dropped in British English , but was either retained or revived in American English Oxford English Dictionary , 2nd edition, , CD-ROM: Pianists and organists would either play from sheet music or improvise ; an orchestra would play from sheet music. Date Thu, Jul 13, Fri, Jul 14, Sat, Jul 15, Sun, Jul 16, Mon, Jul 17, Tue, Jul 18, Wed, Jul 19, Thu, Jul 20, Fri, Jul 21, Sat, Jul 22, Sun, Jul 23, Mon, Jul 24, Tue, Jul 25, Wed, Jul 26, Thu, Jul 27, Sat, Aug 05, Sun, Aug 06, Mon, Aug 07, Wed, Aug 09, Sun, Aug 13, Mon, Aug 14, Wed, Aug 16, Sun, Aug 20, Mon, Aug 21, Wed, Aug 23, Thu, Aug 24, Fri, Aug 25, Sat, Aug 26, Sun, Aug 27, Mon, Aug 28, Tue, Aug 29, Wed, Aug 30, Thu, Aug 31, Sat, Oct 07, Wed, Oct 11, Sat, Oct 14, Wed, Oct 18, Sat, Nov 18, Wed, Nov 29, Sat, Dec 09, Sat, Jan 27, Wed, Jan 31, Sat, Feb 10, Wed, Feb 14, Sat, Feb 24, Wed, Feb 28, Sat, Mar 10, Wed, Mar 14, Sat, Mar 31, Wed, Apr 04, Sat, Apr 14, Wed, Apr 18, Sat, Apr 28, Wed, May 02, Some couples attend movies for the additional reason that the darkened auditorium provides the possibility of some kissing and physical intimacy with additional privacy in the back row , i. The largest theater complexes, which are called multiplexes —a design developed in the U. Wonder Woman PG 2: JOIN REGAL CROWN CLUB LOG IN. The Last Knight Rated PG 13 2hr 29m. This will be treated as an attempt to breach copyright. Three-dimensional movies use two images channeled, respectively, to the right and left eyes to simulate depth by using 3-D glasses with red and blue lenses anaglyph , polarized linear and circular , and other techniques. The Big Sick 2 hr R Released Jun Sundays, Mondays and Wednesday this August, relive the series on the big screen!

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According to The Contemporary Hollywood Film Industry, Philip Drake states that box office takings currently account for less than a quarter of total revenues and have become increasingly "front loaded," earning the majority of receipts in the opening two weeks of exhibition, meaning that films need to make an almost instant impact in order to avoid being dropped from screens by exhibitors. Some theaters, lacking a curtain, filled the screen with slides of some form of abstract art prior to the start of the movie. Learn More Buy Now. It may also determine the price in distribution windows through home video and television. In Oceania particularly Australia , large chains include Event Cinemas known as Village Cinemas in Victoria and Tasmania , Hoyts Cinemas and Palace Cinemas. Why Popcorn Costs So Much at the Movies: Please sign in. Despicable Me 3 1 hr 30 min PG Real gutscheincode Jun Many of these early theaters contain a balconyan elevated level across the auditorium above the theater's rearmost seats. In older theaters, aisle lights were often built into the end seats of each row to help patrons find bacarrat way in the dark. Wisconsin Avenue, Suite Milwaukee, WI WEB Reserved seating Movie feature: Howl's Moving Castle - Studio Ghibli Fest Rated PG 2hr 15m. At the IMAX cinema attached to the National Media Museum in BradfordWest YorkshireEnglandin the United Kingdomvisitors to the museum's sixth floor can observe the IMAX projection booth via a glass rear wall, and watch the large format films being loaded and projected. Taming Of The Shrew. The Mummy Rated PG 13 2hr. Accordingly, a movie theater may either not be allowed to program an unrated film, or voluntarily refrain from . Beatriz At Dinner 1 hr 22 min R Released Jun 9. Batman and Harley Quinn Rated PG 13 1hr 20m. IMAX is a system using film with more than ten times the frame size of a 35 mm film to produce image quality far superior to conventional film. Some movie theaters and chains sell monthly passes for unlimited entrance to regular showings. Movie theaters have also been identified as one of the various locations in which "uncommitted, non-romantic sexual encounters" take place, with other locations including dance clubs , bars and parks. In the United States , many movie theater chains sell discounted passes, which can be exchanged for tickets to regular showings.

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